ChickTech: High School is an opportunity for girls in the Philadelphia metro area to participate in a completely free program introducing high school girls to technology. Each year, the program launches its annual cohort with a kick-off event. Kickoff is a two-day series of hands-on workshops led by technology professionals.  Workshops include an introduction to robotics, soft circuitry, and more.  Each participant attends one technology-related workshop and leaves with a take-home item from the workshop. After kick-off, girls are invited to monthly workshops through June. This program includes food during events, transportation to and from events, and childcare if needed.

Girls are nominated by their teachers, counselors, or advisors of afterschool programs. You can nominate up to 15 girls from your school or program. At least 50% of your nominations to be on lunch assistance or some sort of financial aid. Parents should contact your daughter’s teacher/counselor for a nomination.

After receiving a nomination, girls then receive a physical letter congratulating them on the nomination with an invite to our annual Cohort Kickoff. The letter includes the date, location, and registration information. Letters for the nominated girls will be hand-delivered to your school early February, 2020. Nominate a girl by using the form below!

Participants are girls who:

  • Have never participated in a computer science course, technology project, or camp before due to lack of interest and/or financial resources
  • Have never participated in any technology programs before, but would benefit from exposure to hands-on activities, mentoring opportunities and career exposure
  • Typically would not consider a tech career without extra encouragement
  • Have an above-average aptitude for math or science, along with a creativity and willingness to learn new things
  • Will be in 9th-12th grade as of February 2020

ChickTech is a registered 501(c)3.